ārogyam (good health) is not just the absence of illness.
It is a dynamic balance of physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing
that helps you to be centred, experience harmony and act with clarity, conviction and compassion.

The YogaVahini community is now launching ārogyam:
carefully designed and curated small group yoga classes on a variety of specialised themes
through the online platform.

A great space to begin your yoga journey…

Our teachers and therapists have several years of experience teaching in
the classical tradition of yoga as received from Sri T Krishnamacharya and Sri TKV Desikachar.

The core philosophy of this tradition is individualised practice designed and
progressively adapted to changing needs of each individual, irrespective of your age, stage of life,
roles you play or state of health. Anyone can practice yoga, the desire to learn and commitment
to practice are the only prerequisites!

Our group classes are customised to the needs of the group,
incorporating a vast and rich repertoire of tools with conscious breathing playing the central role.

Progress is reviewed and the teaching is re-calibrated in a step by step manner to
help you advance with your practice, deepen your awareness and
benefit from the many gifts yoga can offer you.

Level 1 courses are offered to small groups,

Level 2 onwards, we offer a combination of group and individualised practice.

Please note that these group classes are ONLY for people with a reasonable level of health and will not adequately address your therapeutic needs that require specialised attention. Individualised therapy sessions offered by our team of highly experienced and qualified therapists will be the best for you for a safe and comfortable healing practice and progression.

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